young for you【视频】



Sunday’s coming i wanna drive my car 星期天来临了 我要开着我的汽车
to your apartment with present like a star 到你的公寓““

forecaster said the weather may be rainy hard 预报员说可能下雨

but i know the sun will shine for us 但是我知道阳光将会照耀我们的
oh lazy seagull fly me from the dark 欧`懒惰的海鸥从黄昏飞跃

i dress my jeans and feed my monkey banana 我穿这我的牛仔裤 给我的猴子喂香蕉吃

then i think my age how old,skyline how far 然后我想我的年龄好大,地平线好遥远

or we need each other in california 或许我门需要其他的在加洲
*you show me your body before night comes down 在黄昏来临之前你给我你的

i touch your face and promise to stay ever young 我抚摸你的脸庞,许诺我们永远年轻

on this ivory beach we kissed so long 在这篇象牙色的海滩上我们长久的亲吻

it seems that the passion’s never gone 就象激情永不消退一样
*you sing me your melody and i feel so please 你向我展示你悦耳的歌喉,我感觉如此的愉悦

i want you to want me to keep your dream 我想你应该让我经营你的梦

together we’ll run wild by a summer symphony 我们在夏季的交响乐中疯狂的奔跑

this is what we enjoyed not a fantasy 这就是我们的享受,而非幻想

the tin-man’s surfing i wanna try my luck 男人般冲浪嬉戏,只因想试下运气。

to the top of tide rip like just have some drugs冲到浪尖我如此陶醉

i know you have no blame for my proud moonish heart我知道你从没有责备我那骄傲和多变的心。
welcome to the golden beatnik park 来到这个坠落的乐园吧
oh diamond seashore drag me from the yard 噢“黄金海岸让我走出自己的天地

incredible sunward i watch as you’re in photograph朝向阳光我难以自信的发现你仿佛溶化于画中
for camera your smile’s so sweet,palm trees’ so lush 画面中你的微笑如此甜美,棕榈树如此青翠。

would you believe my honey it’s califonia 你相信么,亲爱的,这就是加洲

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  1. 小殷

    我擦…候哥 知音啊! 我一心情不好就听这歌…听完心情巨爽 大爱这首歌!




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